In exclusivity, the commitment is mutual.

We can assure you that we are as eager as you are to sell your property.

In fact, we are so sure that we are going to sell it that, as soon as we sign the exclusivity agreement, you will be able to receive money on account of the sale, as long as a series of conditions are met. You can decide whether you want us to pay you a monthly rent or a full amount, which will be on account of the sale.

In addition, we take care of processing and paying for the Energy Efficiency Certificate (EEC) of your property, which is essential to be able to sell.

As you will see, we do not want anyone to lose money, neither us as an agency nor you as the owner, so we can assure you that we will dedicate all our efforts and all our professionalism to selling your property.

Apart from the economic commitment, the advantages of selling your house exclusively with us are many:

– You will save time by reducing intermediaries in the process.

We will be the only mediator, dealing directly with you on all aspects of the sale and as such you will only receive visits from clients with a genuine interest.

– You will sell at the best market price.

As we have your property for sale exclusively, we are committed to finding the best offer and negotiating the best sale price for you.

– We will help you to solve any doubts you may have when selling.

Do you know what the real estate market is like? Is the price of your property in line with the current demand? What taxes will you pay when you sell your home?

 You will have the answers to all these questions with us.

– We will draw up a specific marketing plan for your home and we are committed to giving your property privileged visibility on all our platforms.

By giving us your home for sale exclusively, we guarantee you a personalised service. A mutual commitment in which both parties will be winners.

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