Ten reasons to buy a house in Fornells

We know that Fornells is not a municipality, but it could easily be one, because, among other things, it does not lack charm. It is a small fishing village that has grown to become one of the golden corners of the Mediterranean Sea where it is a must to dine at least, once in a lifetime. Imagine if you owned a house there… Ten reasons to buy a house in Fornells.

Are you thinking of buying a house in Menorca? The island has eight municipalities in which Fornells is the option you are thinking of, even if you don’t know it. Fornells experiences a brutal contrast from winter to summer, and it is one of the most visited places on the Island. Would you like to discover Fornells?

If you don’t know the Island and want to know a little more about Fornells, then we share 10 reasons to buy a property there and start enjoying it. Here they go:

1- WONDERFUL PORT: Fornells has in its port, one of the most charming corners of the island of Menorca. In addition to being one of the areas where the most restaurants per square metre of the Island are concentrated, you can see how the fresh product arrives from the fishermen’s boats to the restaurants. In addition, the promenade that reaches the defense tower is ideal to help with digestion or to open your appetite.

2- CONTRAST: Fornells is not the same in summer as it is in winter. In the summer period it can easily exceed the several thousand people in the town, while between November and February the number of inhabitants barely reaches 500. This contrast is one of the attractions and one of ten reasons to buy a house in Fornells

3- GASTRONOMY: Fornells is a lovely place to live and even better, to eat. It is one of the most important gastronomic spots on the island. There are plenty of restaurants, especially in the port, where you can taste the best and freshest fish, meat and seafood in Menorca. Surely you have heard of the Menorcan Lobster. Fornells is his cradle.

4- PORT: Do you like sailing? Fornells is your place. It has a large port which is protected from the north wind – Tramontana, and a very calm bay where you can sail without having to go out to the open sea. If you do go out, you will find beaches and coves to anchor with great tranquility, very close by. Remember! If you anchor, do not drop the anchor on the Posidonia, it is detrimental to the health of our waters, as well as being forbidden and you could be liable for a fine.

5- TEMPERATURE: Although this aspect is not unique to Mahón but to the entire Island, the truth is that Menorca has an average temperature that allows you to enjoy the Island all year round, with a long spring, which begins earlier, and a which can easily be extended until the end of October. Except for the months of January and February, the rest of the year there are very pleasant temperatures on the Island.

6- FORNELLS BEACHES: On the way to Fornells there is a detour that invites you to visit Playas de Fornells, or Cala Tirant. It is a growing urbanisation that although it does not have a port, it does have Tirant beach, fantastic to enjoy with the family, as a couple or simply alone, while the noise of the sea invites us to disconnect from everything. One of the most demanded constructions that we have are the typical apartments of that area with sea views and community pool.

7- VERY BEAUTIFUL BEACHES: In addition to Tirant beach, the Fornells area has the beaches of Cavalleria, Binimetl là and Pregonda, three virgin beaches that show the wildest part of the Island, with reddish sand and darker waters, but with a high biological value. A sunset on Cavalleria beach is simply priceless.

8- HIGH VALUE: The market value of Fornells is constantly on the rise. It is one of the most coveted areas in the Menorcan real estate market given the limited number of properties available. It is an area where families also enjoy spending the summer.

9- FARO DE CAVALLERIA: Even if you don’t know it, you will have seen it, without a doubt. It is the most photographed lighthouse in Menorca, as well as being one of the ‘hotspots’ that cannot be missing from any phone photo gallery. It is the tallest lighthouse on the island and is on top of some cliffs which the height will make you shudder. The views are spectacular. And to finish off the excursion, what could be better than stopping off at Cavalleria beach, just on the way to the lighthouse, or at Binimetl là or Pregonda, on the Camí de Tramuntana itself. Some of the most spectacular places on the Island.

10- MARINE RESERVE: For those who love what is under the water, Fornells is within the Marine Reserve area, which allows it to safeguard and protect one of the most precious sea beds in the Balearic Islands. Ideal for those who love diving.

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Fornells is a wonderful place

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