What do I need to sell a property in Menorca?

If you have decided to sell your property in Menorca, you should know that in order to start marketing your property in the real estate market, you will need to submit a series of documents.

Selling a house in Menorca, what do I need to take into account?

Having all the information will allow us to explain to the buyer in the best possible way what the purchase of your property incurs. Also, the current law in Spain requires having all this paperwork ready before publishing the property.

From Casas en Menorca.com we want to help you from the first moment, please take note of the necessary documents needed to place your property on the market and if necessary, we can help you gather all the paperwork together.

Selling a house in Menorca, what do I need to take into account?

Documentation needed to offer your property for sale in Menorca

IBI or Rates payable to the Town Hall

The IBI is an annual tax paid to the local council and is for the rates and rubbish collection dues. We will need you to handover to us the last receipt paid for these. In addition to this, we will need the Cadastral Reference of the property which appears on this receipt and is needed for the drafting of the Public Title Deeds for the buyer.

Community and Administrator fees

In the event that your property forms part of a community, it is important that we are informed of the cost of these, whether these are paid monthly or annually.

Important information for the future buyer and a certificate from the Community of Owners will need to be presented certifying that there are no outstanding debts with the Community.

Certificate of Energy Efficiency

Since 2013 it is compulsory that you have the energy efficiency certificate to enable you to sell a property. This certificate reports on the energy consumption of your property under normal conditions.

If you do not have this certificate, we can put you in contact with an architect to organize this for you. The cost is between €90 and €150.

Certificate of habitability, if you have one

This document issued by the Consell Insular de Menorca and certifies that the property is suitable for living in. It is called a certificate of habitability because it certifies that the property meets the minimum hygiene conditions and adequate facilities for its use.

Tourist license, if you have one

To rent out a tourist property in Menorca, it is essential you have the relevant license, which can be requested at the Consell Insular de Menorca either in person or online.

Acceptance sales form duly signed

This document is signed by both the selling party and the real estate agency to start the marketing of the property. It is a document that binds both parties and provides security and transparency to the potential buyer.

These are the main documents needed for you to place your property on the market and at the same time, if you have any other documents detailed below, we also recommend you to hand them over to us.

Certificate from the Land Property Registry Office

This certificate informs us of the situation of the property, plus other information needed, such as the location, owners, square metres, use, etc.

If you do not have an updated certificate, we can request this.

Title Deeds of the property

This document gives all the information on the current owners, date it was purchased and when it was registered at the Land Property Registry and where the property is located.

It is compulsory that there is a Title Deed so that a real estate transaction can be carried out.

Plans, if you have them

The plans of the house are especially recommended if you are offering the sale of a property to reform. Informing of the layout of the spaces will give enough information to potential buyers regarding the possibilities of the property.

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