Ten reasons to buy a house in Ciutadella.

Puerto de Ciutadella

Are you looking to buy a house in Ciutadella ? The municipality has a significant historical legacy in its city centre, as well as a spectacular coastline that stretches the entire length of the island´s west coast from north to south. In addition, the prices are more affordable than in Mahon.

Are you thinking of buying a property in Menorca? The island has eight municipalities in which Ciutadella is the least expensive in terms of price/quality. The city, which for many years served as the island’s capital, today has lower prices than Mahon, despite having many more options and a more diverse coastline. Do you want to know more about Ciutadella?

If you don´t know the island and want to know a little more about the city, here are 10 reasons to buy a house in Ciutadella and start enjoying it. Here they are:

  1. BEAUTY: A stroll around Ciutadella’s centre is breathtaking. On any street or corner you can feel the pride of a city that truly respects its cultural and historical heritage.
  2. GASTRONOMY: Ciutadella has a much wider tradition among its inhabitants, of going out for lunch and dinner, which is why it has many more restaurants than other municipalities, and they are open for longer periods of time in order to enjoy them more.
  3. MORE COASTLINE: In addition to the city, buying a property in Ciutadella opens up the possibility of finding urbanisations by the sea which are also very close to the city centre such as Cala Blanca, Sa Caleta, Cala’n Blanes or Cales Piques, among others; and also Son Xoriguer, Cala’n Bosch or Cala Morell which are more distant options. Living somewhere with ocean views really is a true luxury.
  4. BEACH: Having more coastline implies a larger selection of beaches. There are many options close to, or within the city centre such as Platja Gran, Cala’n Blanes or Cala’n Brut, as well as more secluded, virgin beaches like Algaiarens, Es Bot, Son Saura, Es Talaier, Macarella, Macarelleta or Turqueta. Some of these beaches rank among the most stunning in the Mediterranean.
  5. TEMPERATURES: Although this aspect is not unique to Ciutadella, the truth is that Menorca has an average temperature that allows you to enjoy the Island all year round. It has a long Spring that begins earlier and Summer that can be easily extended until the end of October. Throughout the rest of the year the temperatures are very pleasant, though January and February tend to be cooler.
  6. VIEWS: You will fall in love with the views from Ciutadella. Often, on clear bright days you can enjoy the views of Mallorca in the distance and especially at sunset.
  7. SANT JOAN: It’s possible that you may have heard about one of the most popular and impressive festivals in Spain. The horses play a major part of the festivities on the 23rd and 24th of June, with their characteristic rearing and dancing alongside the “caixers i cavallers” and traditional games in the Port area. And, of course, the ‘gin with lemonade’.
  8. HISTORICAL CENTRE: Ciutadella is the municipality that has taken the best care of its historical centre. It is a delight to walk through the most central streets where traffic is not allowed and you can see small palaces and stately homes that prove how significant this city was.
  9. TRANQUILITY: Ciutadella and all of Menorca, is characterized by the tranquility that it exudes, which draws people to buy property here. No wonder Menorca is known as the “island of peace”.
  10. AN INCREASE IN VALUE: Menorca is growing as a destination and as a place to invest or purchase real estate. Every Summer the number of visitors who want to visit an island increases, and that, unlike Mallorca and Ibiza, is far more natural, unspoilt and undeveloped.

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