Ten reasons to buy a house in Es Mercadal

Are you thinking to buy a house in Es Mercadal ? Es Mercadal is much more than it may seem at first glance. It is the municipality which is located in the middle of the Island, has the best connectivity, and the largest variety of available properties. It also has a significant coastal area. Additionally, we have dedicated an entire article to Fornells, which is also part of the Es Mercadal town hall, and which you can read here.

Are you thinking of buying a house in Menorca? The island has eight municipalities in which Es Mercadal sits at the foot of Monte Toro, Menorca´s highest peak, and has the best connectivity to the rest of the island. It has coastal areas in Fornells, Son Parc, Addaia, Arenal den Castell, Macaret… A remarkably attractive municipality. Read on to find out more about Es Mercadal.

Are you thinking to buy a house in Es Mercadal ?
Es Mercadal.

If you don’t know the island and want to learn a little more about Es Mercadal, here are 10 reasons to buy a house there and start enjoying it:

1- CENTRAL: Mercadal is within easy reach of all parts of the island. It is located in the centre of the Island of Menorca and connected by the main road with both the Levante (east) and Poniente (west) areas.

2- TRANQUILITY: The town has approximately 5,000 registered inhabitants, yet part of this number are actually visitors who have registered on the Island. During the summer, the number of residents increases, although the extensive coastal area of Es Mercadal allows the number of people to be distributed evenly, maintaining calm and tranquility. Moreover, they have Sant Martí local party with horses.

3- COASTAL AREAS: In addition to the charm of the town, Es Mercadal covers the coastal areas of Fornells and Playas de Fornells (which have their own article), Son Parc, Arenal den Castell, Macaret and Puerto de Addaia, all of which boast a spectacular coastline and access to the sea. There are numerous properties in each of these tourist areas that complement the offer that exists in the main town itself.

4- MARINA: Do you enjoy sailing? In Addaia you will find a marina where you can enjoy your passion as it has a large number of moorings, as well as being protected from bad weather which makes it very calm. If you enjoy life on the ocean wave, we encourage you to consult our properties located in Addaia and Macaret, where you could also have a mooring.

5.TEMPERATURES: Although this aspect is not unique to Es Mercadal, the truth is that Menorca enjoys comfortable average temperatures that allow you to enjoy the island all year round. It has a long Spring that begins earlier and Summer can be easily extended until the end of October. Throughout the rest of the year the temperatures are very pleasant, though January and February tend to be cooler.

6.GASTRONOMY: Es Mercadal could easily be the municipality in Menorca with the most restaurants per number of inhabitants. Fornells is renowned for its gastronomy, and in addition, there is a rich and varied gastronomic selection both in the town centre of Es Mercadal, and in the various urbanisations, with the bonus that Mercadal’s restaurants provide mouthwatering Menorcan fare all year round.

7- MONTE TORO: Es Mercadal jealously guards the highest point of the Island. A mountain that just reaches 360 metres in height, and where there is a pretty church and a sanctuary dating from 1670 which are still occupied by Franciscan nuns. In addition, it offers a wonderful view of practically the entire Island. Ideal for watching the sunset.

8- SON PARC & GOLF: The urbanization of Son Parc, within Mercadal, has the only golf course on the entire island. It is a year-round activity centre with an 18-hole course that is frequented by golf enthusiasts and is also less than 5 minutes away from the beach by car.

9- FARO DE CAVALLERIA: Even if you don’t know it, you have undoubtedly seen it. Faro de Cavalleria is Menorca´s most photographed lighthouse, as well as being one of the ‘hotspots’ that should definitely be included in your itinerary. It stands proudly atop spectacular cliffs and is the tallest lighthouse on the island. The views are breathtaking. And to finish off your visit, what could be better than stopping at Cavalleria beach, close to the lighthouse, or at Binimetl·là or Pregonda, on the Camí de Tramuntana itself. Some of the most stunning beaches on the Island.

10- PASTRIES AND SWEET TREATS: Have you sometimes seen tourists at the airport laden with the hexagonal shaped boxes containing typical ensaimadas? Es Mercadal undoubtedly has the best ensaimadas, and you simply mustn’t leave without trying one. The town has a long tradition of confectionery and pastries, so inevitably a walk through its streets will end up on a terrace enjoying an ensaimada, some pastissets or some carquinyols. Be sure to give them a try.

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