Ten reasons why to buy a property in Mahon

The capital of the island has the attractions of its natural harbour of more than 6 kilometres long, its proximity to the airport and its excellent gastronomic and cultural opportunities.

Are you thinking of buying a property in Menorca? The island has eight municipalities in which Mahon is the capital. With a population of almost 30,000 inhabitants, over 6 kilometres of natural harbour – impressive views – and its proximity to the airport – just 5 minutes by car -, make it the best choice for those who want to live in a city, close to all connections and services, without losing the possibility of being close to the sea.

If you don’t know the Island and want to learn a little more about the city, here are 10 reasons to buy a property in Mahon and start enjoying it. Here they are:

  1. CONNECTIVITY: Mahon is the municipality with the greatest connectivity to all services. The main routes to and from the Island are the Airport, which is less than 10 minutes by car from the centre itself, and the impressive port. In addition, the city has a wide range of services ranging from the Mateu Orfila Hospital, to shopping centres, supermarkets, schools, sports and social centres, etc.
  2. VARIETY: Buying a property in Mahon or Menorca allows you to live in a city, without having to suffer the inconveniences of living in a city. It is a nucleus of almost 30,000 inhabitants, but, in addition to the historical centre, the city has well-connected residential areas such as Malbúger with family homes and other urbanisations on the outskirts and near the sea such as Cala Llonga, Cala Rata or Sant Antoni, in addition to Sa Mesquida, Es Grau, Canutells or Binixica, all of which have easy access to beaches and are close to the centre.
  3. GASTRONOMY: Are food and restaurants a “must” in your life? Then, Mahon is the place for you. The city has a wide and varied range of restaurants where you can enjoy Menorcan cuisine, as well as international cuisines such as Italian, Japanese, Mexican or Chinese, among others. In Mahon, you will never go hungry.
  4. BEACH: If one of your goals to buy a property in Mahon or Menorca is to live 5 minutes from the beach, look no further. Within the municipality of Mahon are the beaches of Sa Mesquida, Es Grau, Binixica and Canutells, all of which are easily accessible and very close to the centre.
  5. TEMPERATURE: Although this aspect is not unique to Mahon but to the entire Island, the truth is that Menorca has an average temperature that allows you to enjoy the Island all year round, with a long spring, which starts earlier, and  summer which can easily be extended until the end of October. Throughout the rest of the year the temperatures are very pleasant, although the months of January and February are generally colder.
  6. PORT OF MAHON. It is impossible to walk along the port of Mahon and not fall in love with the city. Or, relax on one of its terraces and watch the sunset as it disappears in the west of the Island.
  7. 7- OPERA AND THEATRE: Do you like culture? Mahon has the oldest opera house in Spain, opened in 1829, a facility that offers an opera every year, as well as constant cultural events. The last operatic performance, in 2022, was ‘Il Trovatore’ by Giuseppe Verdi.
  8. HISTORICAL CENTRE: Mahon has not turned its back on its history but has grown faithful to it, respecting such emblematic places as Calle Isabel II, where strolling and observing the details means plunging into another era, as well as into the Claustro del Carmen, the church of Santa María or the Town Hall.
  9. TRANQUILITY: Mahon, and all of Menorca, is characterised by the tranquility that it exudes, which people who want to buy a property in Mahon or Menorca are drawn to.  No wonder it is known as the “island of calm”.
  10. AN INCREASE IN VALUE: Menorca is growing as a destination and as a place to invest or to buy a property. Every summer the number of visitors who want to enjoy an island that, unlike Mallorca and Ibiza, remains much more natural, virgin and undeveloped, grows.

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