Top tips on how to sell your house quickly

“My house just won’t sell!”

Nowadays selling a property is not necessarily an easy task.

That is why it’s vital to offer an attractive product that conquers the buyer from the first moment. The key: invest time and some money in the property. Presentation makes all the difference!

In today’s post you can find some tips to help sell your house faster:

First impressions count: when opening the door of a home, expectations are high. If that first feeling is good, the buyer’s attitude will be more receptive.

Furniture is important: if your plan is to sell the property furnished, make sure that the furniture is attractive and in good condition – otherwise throw it away. It is better to show the apartment empty and let the buyer imagine how he would decorate it than to present it with tatty furniture.

Our advice is to invest some money in buying new furniture. It doesn’t need to be a huge expense, just the necessary items to make it habitable, so that the buyer can imagine living there.

The house should look spacious and clean: it is always important that the house doesn’t look cluttered. Remove unnecessary furniture and objects which are in the way and present a tidy and neat floorspace.

Neutral colours especially on the walls and simple décor is an important factor. Removing personal items will also help future clients see themselves living there.

The importance of light: a bright and airy property is favourable. For this reason, we recommend opening blinds or shutters before showing the property. If it’s summer, you can also open the windows and exterior doors to let in as much light as possible.

Another good option is to install high-power bulbs to enhance the illumination of your property. Evening viewings when it’s dark are not very frequent, however a well-lit home at night gives a feeling of warmth and security.

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