Where to buy a house in Menorca

Menorca is one of the best-preserved islands in the Mediterranean, it was declared a Biosphere Reserve for a reason in October 1993. Menorca is an island which stands out for its tranquility and quality of life, aspects which have been even more in demand after the pandemic and which has increased interest in purchasing a property in Menorca in recent years. Another aspect for which people choose to buy a house in Menorca is for its beaches with their crystal-clear waters.

The majority of people who are looking to buying a property in Menorca have in mind to do so on the coast. This way, the properties near the sea or in urbanisations situated on the coast, are the most requested and, therefore, the most expensive. Prices on the coast of Menorca will always be higher than in other areas due to the Coastal Law which has been protecting the coastline for more than 20 years, not allowing any new constructions to be carried out by the sea.

However, the real estate market in Menorca offers much more than properties on the coast. Buying a property in the city is also a very good option and for those looking for privacy and nature, Menorca has beautiful country houses hidden.


The countryside of Menorca offers beautiful and very well-preserved rural areas.

The most characteristic element of the Menorcan countryside is, without a doubt, the drystone walls that are present in any corner of the island’s geography and in most properties.

Apart from the large Menorcan estates (known as “llocs”), many of which have been converted into rural hotels and highly sought-after properties in recent years, there are other rural areas and/or towns with beautiful country houses. They have a lot of privacy, land, swimming pool and endless amenities.

Areas such as Trebalúger, Pou Nou, Torret, Llumesanes, Trepucó… are perfect rural areas for those looking to buying a house in the Menorcan countryside and at the same time are close to towns and just a few minutes by car from schools, supermarkets, health centres etc.


Buying a house in one of the city centres of Menorca is always a safe investment because they are properties in demand, being close to all amenities and the sale prices are rising.

Buying a house in the centre to restore is also a great opportunity, either to reform to your taste or as an investment. The typical Menorcan houses located in the historic centres usually have original elements and unique details, as well as a patio and/or garden in which to enjoy the good weather.

In addition, living in a typical Menorcan house all the year round and not just to enjoy the summer, in the city centre is always very pleasant and comfortable.

Apart from the most important cities of the island such as Mahón or Ciutadella, there are others, more unknown towns with a special charm and which preserve the authentic flavour of the island. For this, it is important that you bear in mind that when buying a townhouse, prices vary depending on each municipality.

According to the latest survey (Tinsa), recent price trends show a general upward trend, with year-on-year variations between 3 and 9%. In this chart you can check the price of houses in Menorca according to the areas:

Price per m² 2022            Year-on-year change     Var. from highs

Alaior                    1.994                                    6,0%                                     23,0%

Ciutadella           2.103                                    7,1%                                     22,0%

Ferrerías             1.664                                    6,7%                                     27,0%

Maó                      1.763                                    3,6%                                     27,0%

Es Mercadal       2.169                                   7,6%                                     23,0%

Sant Lluís             2.366                                    2,8%                                     17,0%

Es Castell,           1.796                                    3,6%                                     27,0%

Source: Tinsa

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